The Third Way Of Love (Dvd) (English Subtitled) (Korea Version)

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There are two kinds of love in the world: the love in fairy tales and the love in real life that drains you

A Moment to Remember director John H

p p After signing her divorce papers, lawyer Zou Yu Crystal Liu cries her heart out on the plane ride home, attracting the attention of nearby passenger Lin Qizheng Song Seung Hun

Easy on the eyes and the heart, the beautifully shot melodrama is based on the same-titled popular novel by andrea, and co-stars miss A's Meng Jia, popular variety show host OD Ou and Taiwan singer Jessie Chiang

Lee and top Korean star Song Seung Hun I Obsessed /I make their Chinese film debuts with the attractive urban romance I The Third Way of Love /I co-starring Crystal Liu I The Four /I

Through the series of serendipitous meetings, Qizheng and Yu feel increasingly drawn to each other, but given her circumstances, Yu finds it difficult to accept Qizheng's love.

When she returns home, she finds her depressed sister Meng Jia has attempted suicide over a delusional crush on her company's boss, who turns out to be none other than Qizheng

Zou Yu storms into Qizheng's office to warn him off, but soon runs into him again because of a client