The Wife's Secret (2014) (H-Dvd) (Ep. 1-54) (End) (China Version)

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Hawick Lau and Zhao Liying star in the 2014 Chinese melodrama The Wife's Secret, a twist-filled tale of love, deception and rivalry in a corporate family

As the heirs apparent of major corporations, Li Minglang Hawick Lau and Jiang Baihe Zhao Liying are the perfect match for each other in looks, wealth and social background

Minglang's mercenary-minded mother pushes to cancel the wedding plans in light of the sudden change in Baihe's standing, but Minglang refuses to marry anyone but Baihe

Minglang's mother and brother Allen Ding are both out for money and power, and his secretary Wang Zhi wants her out of the way.

Right before their wedding, however, Baihe's father passes away in a car accident

With Minglang by her side, Baihe moves in with the Li family and unknowingly steps into a dangerous world of lies and schemes